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Iseo Lake


In the limelight in 2016, following the resounding success of “The Floating Piers” temporary installation, Lake Iseo is actually a gem for any season of the year.

The whole area around Lake Sebino (the Lake’s other name) has so much to offer: just think of the wealth of things to discover in the Valle Camonica valley and in Franciacorta, including outstanding culture, nature, and food & wine.

What you should not miss

Monte Isola (or Montisola)

Europe’s largest inhabited lake island -which alone makes it worth a visit.  13 sq kilometres home to 11 picturesque ancient villages, where old-times arts and crafts are still alive.

A photo taken from the island’s peak, where the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna della Ceriola stands, is a must.

The natural Reserves

From the Torbiere del Sebino (the Sebino peat bogs – true bird watching paradise) to the Piramidi di Zone (Zone Pyramids – formed by water erosion); from the singular features of the Valle del Freddo valley to the ravines of Riva di Solto and Castro.

It is easy for nature lovers to get in close contact with the environment.

Antica Strada Valeriana (Ancient Valeriana Road)

Once the only way to reach the  Valcamonica valley by land; today an incredible route for travelling between Pilzone d’Iseo and Pisogne, once used by shepherds and those carrying goods, surrounded by dramatic scenery and breathtaking lake views.

Sarnico and other hamlets

Also thanks to gems such as the Pinacoteca “Gianni Bellini” picture gallery, Sarnico is one of the most celebrated villages around Lake Iseo.

Yet, there are many others you should call at, like Lovere (listed as one of “Italy’s most beautiful hamlets”), Iseo, and Pisogne, just to name some. In each hamlet you can take in features conveying the true spirit of the lake, buy typical products, and admire unparalleled views.

Treat yourself to a trip to Lake Iseo and stop at Hotel Ulivi, the best way to stay in Franciacorta and enjoy sunrise at a lakeside 4 star B&B!

Only if you book direct through our website you get:

Free room upgrade (subject to availability)