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Discovering Lake Iseo

A pleasant itinerary permits an initial acquaitance with Lake Iseo.

The route begins at Iseo, which naturally merits a visit the historical center (Piazza Garibaldi, the Castle, St. Andrea Parish Church, Palazzo dell’Arsenale) and a walk through the narrow streets or along the lakeside.

Continuing in a northerly direction, you’ll reach Sulzano where you have to leave the main road to find a small ancient village where ferry boats to Monte Isola are available.

After Sulzano, you will come to Sale Marasino, scattered into several clusters with a beautiful and panoramic hilly hinterland and then onto Marone, where you can take a deviation on the right towards Zone, to admire the spectacle of the Erosio pyramids or instead, upon leaving the village you can descend towards the small center of Vello and follow the pedestrian-cycle route to Toline.

The last town of the Brescian shore is Pisogne, an ancient medieval village. Don’t miss out on a visit to “Santa Maria della Neve” for the extraordinary Romanino frescoes.

From Pisogne, by turning left you will reach Lovere, a center of ancient origins and rich in historical medieval buildings in the innermost roads (Torre Alghisi, Torre Soca; Torre Civica, Santa Maria in Valvendra Parish Church), and beautiful buildings on the lake front, such as the “Accademia Tadini”, an elegant neoclassical art gallery with works, among others, by Jacopo Bellini, Tiepolo and Pitocchetto.

Immediately afterwards, we come to Castro, once a Roman Castrum, where traces of a medieval fortification are still visible.

Along the road that is cut into the rock from Castro to Riva di Solto, the magnificent spectacle of the “Orrido del Bogn” appears in Zorzino. This is an impressive cove where vertical rocks plunge straight downwards into the lake. After this, Riva di Solto deserves a brief stopover to visit the historical center, one of the most picturesque of the lake.

The next step is Tavernola Bergamasca where the town also preserves narrow streets and small squares. Do not miss out on the Romanino frescoes in the San Pietro Parish Church.

Breathtaking views can be enjoyed by branching off towards Vigolo and Parzanica.

After going through the tunnel, you will come to Predore, a sunny place characterised by a historic center of dwellings right on the lakeside.

You will then reach Sarnico, where you mustn’t forget to visit the “contrada”.

Cross the bridge that divides the two provinces of Brescia and Bergamo and you will come to Paratico. Continue along the Brescian shore in the direction of Iseo. You’ll come across Clusane, a traditional village known for its gastronomic speciality of “tinca al forno”.

You’ll soon arrive in Iseo, where you’ll finish the tour.

Discovering the lake on boards a ferry boat is very pleasant and recommended throughout the year.

Only if you book direct through our website you get:

Free room upgrade (subject to availability)